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Medical Assistants

Perform a crucial role assisting doctors and nurses through various administrative and clinical tasks to ensure efficient patient care

“You don’t always get to have these types of hours while being a medical assistant. I wanted to still be a mom, but also can make an impact on people in a positive way. And here I really get to do that! I have gained so many different skills, and I continue learning new things daily to aid in my career advancement. I am proud to be a Buckeye!”

Medical Assistants

Ohio State University Physicians, Inc. (OSUP), manages The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s outpatient physician clinics. OSU Physicians’ mission is to improve access to high-quality patient-focused care while creating a supportive environment in which team members excel. Our medical assistants are integral members of our care team, and we need passionate people like you to join us.

Work-life balance at locations convenient to you.

Applying for a medical assistant (MA) position with OSUP means you have the opportunity to work at a variety of outpatient locations throughout central Ohio. We value work-life balance and offer a variety of shifts that allow each staff member to choose what works best for them.


More career growth opportunities.

We want to ensure our medical assistants have the ability to grow, which is why we have cultivated an excellent career ladder program offering our staff the ability to be hired as a noncertified medical assistant, and then they can move to certified. From there, they can become a senior medical assistant or even up to a lead MA. Of course, our generous tuition reimbursement is available to all staff wanting to grow their education for their career advancement!


OSUP believes in facilitating continuous professional growth. We have a robust tuition reimbursement program, where eligible employees can receive up to $7,500 per year in reimbursements. We offer free personal and professional development courses, and a career ladder that provides advancement and leadership opportunities.

Now, medical assistants can earn $1,000 through our referral bonus program.


All medical assistants have the ability to earn extra money when they refer their friends to any of our open MA positions!


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What is OSUP?

Ohio State University Physicians, Inc., is the multispecialty practice that manages The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s physician clinics. Our mission is to improve access to high-quality, patient-focused care while creating a supportive environment where team members excel.


At OSUP, we foster a culture grounded in the values of inclusion, empathy, sincerity and determination. OSUP meets our teams where they are, coming together to serve each other and our community.

Located throughout central Ohio, OSUP champions an environment built on diversity, employee development and quality patient care. Our organization values inclusiveness, determination, empathy, sincerity, ownership and innovation by leading the charge toward a better future through the power of connection.

Our vision is to push the boundaries of discovery and knowledge to solve significant health problems and deliver unparalleled care to our patients.

Apply now and work together with us to make a more substantial impact in our community.

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