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Registered Nurses

Compassionate and skilled professionals who provide individualized care to patients, advocating for their well-being and promoting optimal health outcomes

I wanted to help people the way my grandfather did. I’ve always loved being able to help others when I can. It makes me proud to come to work for a fantastic community and company that truly cares about its staff and their patients. I think that someone who wants to be a nurse should definitely do it! Nursing is a very rewarding and great career.”

Registered Nurses

At Ohio State University Physicians, we are all about growth!

Registered nurse roles at Ohio State University Physicians offer RNs, RN leads, RN care coordinators, RN supervisors and nurse managers the ability to learn, grow and evolve in their career. Ohio State University Physicians is proud to give our nurses the opportunity to work with established providers and fellows at Ohio State academic health centers.


A culture that is right for you.

Being a Buckeye means a lot more than you think — it means being surrounded by a robust community filled with people just as passionate as you are. It is a positive and ever-evolving environment built to help our patients and their families, and assist each employee in their personal and professional growth journeys.

More career growth opportunities to help you find the right path.

We are expanding our career paths to offer more options for employees to find the right way for them. This includes advantageous career counseling, excellent tuition reimbursement and assistance programs, and robust opportunities for advancement.


Now, registered nurses can earn $3,000 through our referral bonus program.


All RN’s have the ability to earn extra money when they refer their friends to any of our open registered nurse or licensed practical nurse positions!



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What is OSUP?

Ohio State University Physicians is the multispecialty practice that manages The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s physician clinics. Our mission is to improve access to high-quality, patient-focused care while creating a supportive environment where team members excel.


OSUP provides a comprehensive benefits package with a variety of coverage levels and low employee contribution costs so employees can choose what fits their lifestyle and budget best.


Benefits include medical, dental and vision insurance, disability, company-paid life insurance and a retirement plan that starts on day one! Benefit options are available for both full- and part-time employees.

OSUP’s employee-centered culture understands the importance of work-life balance. This philosophy is supported by leadership and promoted through our generous paid time-off plan. Accrued time starts with 18 days of paid time off and 11 paid holidays. Most clinic hours are Monday through Friday, business hours, with a variety of schedule options.


At OSUP, we foster a culture grounded in the values of inclusion, empathy, sincerity and determination. OSUP meets our teams where they are, coming together to serve each other and our community.

Located throughout central Ohio, OSUP champions an environment built on diversity, employee development and quality patient care. Our organization values inclusiveness, determination, empathy, sincerity, ownership and innovation by leading the charge toward a better future through the power of connection.

Our vision is to push the boundaries of discovery and knowledge to solve significant health problems and deliver unparalleled care to our patients.

Apply now and work together with us to make a more substantial impact in our community.

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