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About OSUP

Ohio State University Physicians, Inc., is the medical group managing The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center's outpatient physician clinics.  

Dr. Arick Forrest; President

About OSU Physicians, Inc.

The Ohio State University Physicians, Inc. (OSUP) provides outpatient care throughout Central Ohio and the surrounding areas.  We are the approved not-for-profit practice plan for The Ohio State University College of Medicine designated by the University Board of Trustees. 

As the parent company representing the unified physician practice plans, our goal is to improve access to high quality patient-focused care through the alignment of individual institutional and departmental missions and resource allocation.  We provide leadership for the practice plans in the areas of finance, information systems, billing and collections, payor contract negotiations, staffing and employee relations, and compliance.


Located throughout Central Ohio, OSU Physicians, Inc. has approximately 30 offices and clinics that foster an environment built on diversity, employee development and quality patient care. Focusing on the entire patient experience, OSU Physicians, Inc. actively seeks individuals with backgrounds in Healthcare, Clinical Support and Administrative Support.

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

Dr. Timothy Pawlik

I’m the clinical leader for Surgery. I am proud to work alongside the exceptional medical experts in our department as we build innovative surgical programs and advance translational scientific knowledge to improve care for all our patients. The Wexner Medical Center has made a significant investment in robotic surgery, and we now have the fastest growing robotic surgery program in the nation, offering procedures such as the robotic pancreaticoduodenectomy, or “Whipple,” colon and rectal procedures, and robotic thoracic surgery. This gives our patients the advantages of shorter hospital stays, less blood loss, reduced pain and quicker recovery. Our new Aortic Center offers a multidisciplinary approach to complex aortic disease aortic aneurysms, while the new Center for Abdominal Core Health uses a team approach to help patients maintain their abdominal core health and treat the problems that can affect it. We have also expanded our Center for Surgical Health Assessment, Research and Policy (SHARP) to support exploration of research that can further equitable and cost-effective surgical care.

Dr. Cheryl Lee

As the clinical leader for Urology, my goal is to reduce the burden of disease caused by benign and malignant conditions of the urinary system. Our department of skilled clinicians and researchers are particularly focused on understanding  specific urologic conditions seen at disproportionately high rates in our community. We are committed to devoting resources and leveraging technology to develop education and research initiatives that directly address these conditions. Ultimately, in our service to the citizens of Ohio, we aim to go beyond standard care and bring innovative and high quality treatments that will improve patient outcomes.

Dr. Rama Mallampalli

I’m the clinical leader for Internal Medicine.  My team and I are thrilled to embark on  innovative initiatives to optimize efficiency and quality of patient care at OSU Wexner Medical Center.  We are increasing our provider base to meet regional patient care needs, expanding in areas of cancer, transplant, gastroenterology, and cardiovascular medicine service lines, and envision growth in establishing signature therapeutic programs to address a substantial unmet need in addiction medicine.  We are implementing efficient models of care that incorporates telemedicine, virtual visits, electronic consults, and are poised to harness the power of artificial intelligence to provide the best possible care for our patients with world-class experts.

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